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The Unruly Hamas [Jan. 5th, 2009|12:55 am]
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Today Israel is not targeting the democratically elected Hamas alone; it is targeting the whole Palestinian population including the West Bank, which today has left over 400 families without sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. Today Gaza has been left with nothing, no bread, no oil, no electricity and no medication to treat the injured.

This barbaric criminal attack is not aimed at the democratically elected Hamas, it is aimed at the soul of the Palestinian people. It is aimed to break the Palestinian people's will for freedom, independence and justice. However Israel must learn that violence and death will not break this will, only strengthen it.

In the last week Israel has carried out a brutal and ruthless attack on Gaza City killing over 350 people with the mast majority being innocent civilians including children. This has been the bloodiest week for Palestinians in more than 20 years. Israel would never of dared to have gone this far if it was not for the silence of the International community especially America. It is impossible to equate Hamas with Israel, out of all the rockets Hamas have fired, only one Israeli has died and that occurred today after over 150 Palestinians were brutally murdered by the inhumane and racist regime in Israel.

America said today "The United States urges Israel to avoid civilian casualties as it targets Hamas in Gaza." Urges? Avoid? What kind of condemnation is that? American must stop unconditionally supporting Israel or they will be made to pay. Condoleezza Rice said today "We strongly condemn the repeated rocket and mortar attacks against Israel and hold Hamas responsible for breaking the ceasefire”. The ceasefire she talks about was brokered by Egypt and it was Israel that broke the ceasefire and not Hamas

The terms of the ceasefire included an end to all Israel – Gaza violence including rocket fire and crucially easing the blockade and siege in Gaza. What actually happened was that the Gaza blockade got even worse to a point where nothing was allowed in or out including humanitarian aid. The UN even stated earlier this month that crucial aid to Gaza must stop for the foreseeable future because of the Israeli imposed blockade. Hamas did not say they do not want a truce, they said they wanted to renegotiation a truce that helps the Palestinian people as well the Israeli's. Therefore statements from the Condoleezza rice are inaccurate and clearly show unconditional support for Israel and this must stop.

I would just like to point out one thing. Barack Obama who last week was rightly named the Time magazine person of the year will not and cannot change the Middle East and will not stop the unconditional support for Israel. In his very long Interview with Time magazine he devoted only one sentence to the Israel – Palestine conflict. "And seeing if we can build on some of the progress, at least in conversation, that's been made around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be a priority." Now I am a big supporter of Barack Obama but has this guy gone mad? Did he actually say the word progress? May I ask what progress? Is it the killing of over 150 Palestinians today? Or is the Blockade that has left Gaza with no water, electricity, food and medicine for months

I must also point out my disappointment with the utter silence from the Arab States, and predictably only Iran and Syria have offered full support to the Palestinian people. The Arab world is just as much at fault as America because of its sheer silence and disjointed effort in the peace process. The Arab world must cease all diplomatic relations with Israel and use its economical power to end all support for Israel until there is a free and fair Palestinian State. I strongly believe that Israel should be recognised but only when a fair Palestinian Sate is recognised.

But I guess it's the same old story. The Israelis only want peace. The unruly, riotous, murderous Palestinians only understand violence.

That's what Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said, "There is a time for calm and a time for fighting, and now the time has come to fight". Which is about as near to a declaration of war as you can get.